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In San Diego we were playing with Nirvana and the Chili Peppers. I had climbed an I- beam that you could kind of wrap your hand around. So I got to the top, and I thought, Well, how do I get down? I either just give it up and look like an idiot, or I go for it. So I decided to try it, and it was really ridiculously high, like 100 feet, something mortal. I was thinking that my mother was there, and I didn’t want her to see me die. So somehow I finally got back onstage, finished the song, and went to the side and threw up. I knew that was really stupid, beyond ridiculous. But to be honest, we were playing before Nirvana. You had to do something. Our first record was good, but their first record was better. - EDDIE VEDDER  (Everybody Loves Our Town)


"Sebastian’s a great Winter Soldier. Really low key, down to earth guy. Showed up you know for the rehearsals and fight training, was just a sponge. Just ‘whatever you guys want to do man, I just really want to do good’. And I’m telling you the guy’s amazing." - Thomas Robinson Harper, Stunt Coordinator

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Holy fuck. I never really understood how they caught birds before, I assumed they had to sneak up on them. 

How was this even caught on camera?

did that cat fucking put the thing in its mouth in midair so it could land on its feet

Did you know that pound for pound, house cats are THE most efficient land predators?

Cats are better than you.

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Riding into battle in the skeleton war like “I’ll be my own goddamn horse thank you very much” image

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"Me gusta la fotografía, pero no tengo una buena cámara. Me gusta la ropa, pero en mi armario solo hay jeans y remeras. Me gusta viajar, pero nunca lo he hecho. Me gusta cantar, pero mi voz no es bonita."



la historia de mi vida.

la cago slñfdk me gusta bailar, pero nunca nadie me ha enseñado bien:c

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En mi país los calzones rotos se comen <3


y las hueas mas encima son ricas.

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